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zdjęcie chór Collegium Baccalarum

Nieszczęśliwy człowiek, który nie ma w sobie muzyki lub którego nie wzrusza harmonia pięknych akordów, nie można wierzyć takiemu człowiekowi. - W.Szekspir

about us

Olsztyn's Collegium Baccalarum Choir includes 35 members of different professions, e.g. teachers, medical doctors, lawyers and managers. This is an amateur choir, the mission of which is the popularisation of the musical culture in the local and the international environment.

The ensemble performs the works of Polish as well as foreign composers. The choir's repertoire contains not only the Old-Polish, religious and folk songs, but also modern compositions.

The choir was founded in October 1987 by Lechoslaw Ragan, the founder of a few Olsztyn's choirs and at that moment the Head of the Music Institute at the Olsztyn's Teachers' College, and two teachers Janina Rusak and Barbara Rytwiska. In the beginning all the members of the choir were teachers and their families but as the time went by the role and the character of the choir has changed.

Since the year 1997 the choir has been conducted by Agata Wiliska, PhD. Since she has become the choir's conductor we can speak of ”the golden age” of the Collegium Baccalarum, because under her lead the choir has won most of its prizes.

Until now the choir has given more than 300 concerts in Poland and abroad, e.g. in Belgium and in France. During our international tours we have established a close cooperation with the choirs ”Singheet Vroo” (Belgium), as well as ”Cantabile” from St. Brieuc and ”Oratorio” from Chateauroux (France). All the choirs have visited us in our homes while giving their concerts in Poland. The cooperation has brought us many long lasting friendships.

Collegium Baccalarum has taken part in many contests and festivals in Poland and abroad. The most important ones were:

  • the 12th International Festival of Orthodox Church Music in Hajnowka
  • the presentation of Teachers' Choirs in Krosno in 1993
  • Polish Festival of Religious Music in Rumia in 1995 and 1998
  • - Choir Music Festival in Grazu (Austria) in 1999
  • - The most prestigious choir festival in Poland: The International Legnica Cantat Festival in 2001 (the third price)
  • - The International Choir Music Festival in Olomoucu (Czech Republic) in 2004 (we won two silver medals).

  • All of our tours have left us with many unforgettable impressions and interesting artistic experiences.

Not only does our choir take part in international tours and the promotion of Polish culture but also it participates in the local artistic life. We give a lot of charity concerts and we perform together with other Olsztyn's choirs. Very special moments for us were concerts for the Pope John Paul II:
the first one in 1991 when the Pope visited Olsztyn and
the second one with "Requiem" by W. A. Mozart in tribute of John Paul II after his death in 2005, where all Olsztyn's choirs performed together.

We are enjoying very friendly contacts with Olsztyn's Collegium  Musicum  Choir conducted by Janusz Wilinski. For many years we have been having concerts and Christmas meetings together. In june 2005 we performed the works of Mikolaj Henryk Gorecki at a joined concert.

If you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information about the latest tour dates of the Collegium Baccalarum Choir,
please contact us at:

e-mail:   chor@baccalarum.olsztyn.pl